What Sets It Apart?

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Utah boasts a single Frank Lloyd Wright project: the Stromquist House, built in 1959 in Ogden, Utah. Like many other Wrightian houses, it is laid out with clearly articulated public and private areas, separated by a utility area. And like many other Wrightian houses, it is a gem among a sea of common dwellings.

What sets it apart?


Every nuanced detail has been thought about.

CRSA recently toured the Stromquist House and below is an exploration of a single aspect of this thought that runs through the building—triangles mixed with rectangles.  Wright used this simple shape combination with expert skill to unify and orient many details of the house. Like one would match color, Wright worked with complimentary, but not identical, gestures. The simple shape functions not by rote repetition, but rather as a common language spoken throughout the building.

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“You have to go wholeheartedly into anything in order to achieve anything worth having.”

–Frank Lloyd Wright

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