Rethinking Writing #2: Six Typos You Might be Making

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We spend a lot of time writing—conveying ideas. Writing is critical to communicating, but it is not the same as thinking. It takes some processing. (Check out our last article, Rethinking Writing  #1, for a discussion of this concept.) And while we are certainly not all called to be language master’s, there is a certain level of competence expected in professional communication. Don’t be left on the embarrassing side of these common mistakes: Continue reading


Rethinking Writing #1: Write Like You are Writing

Write Like You are Writing

According to The Atlantic, you write close to a novel’s worth of emails every year[1]. And that’s just email. With that much time and effort spent on one form of communication, it begs certain questions. “What do you write?”  “What is your style?” Even: “Why do you write?” But one question that is less often asked is: “How do you write?”  Yes, how. How do you actually go about getting what’s in your head onto paper (or screen)? It may not be as simple as you think (pun intended). Continue reading

From the Marketing Department

To Boilerplate or Not to Boilerplate

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Photo by Roger Griffith.

Boilerplate. To most, it’s a word for reusable content. To a Selection Committee, it’s a word that may send shivers down their collective spine. And to Marketers? It’s a guilty habit all too common and intractable.

The term comes from the early 1900s and refers to the sheet steel that was used to make boilers. This steel was more durable than softer, printing press metals, and thus it was suitable for mass reproduction of things like labels and stamps. Continue reading