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Maximum Impact: Urban Open Space in 3 Steps


Pocket Park Fyrisan, a floating park in Uppsala Sweden, is a fresh approach to Urban Infill and public space. See more at Metropolis’s “Urban Tactic: Floating Garden” (

Imagine watching an aerial time-lapse view of a few city blocks. You see a continuously undulating scene—a  living, patchwork quilt where buildings go up, come down, and pockets of open space fill in around them. There is a dialogue between developed space and open space that is crucial to humanizing cities. Like bubbles of air or shafts of light, open spaces give room and context to their built counterparts. And harnessing this space is at the heart of urban and landscape designers’ ethos. Continue reading

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All Aboard: The S-Line Streetcar Video

In 2010,  CRSA was hired by the Salt Lake City RDA to develop the existing rail corridor between  Central Point Station and Sugarmont Drive in Sugarhouse. Working with the RDA and the Utah Transit Authority,  CRSA conceptualized the corridor for  use as a greenway and a  new streetcar line. CRSA Designer/ Project Manager Steve Cornell  and Lead Landscape Designer Bryce Ward narrate.

You can view the full video here.

Or learn about individual segments of the S-Line in one of our segment videos here.

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A Community Worth Caring About

Urban Design. Smart Growth. Complete Streets. Livable Cities. We have many terms all driving at a core concept of “place making”—using design principles, demographic research, emerging technologies, and case-study experience to create truly human-focused environments. The Sugar House Redevelopment is a collection of projects with that aim, and is beginning to see the results of years of effort: the creation of a place worth visiting, worth living in, and worth being proud of. (*Note: Of the features listed below, CRSA designed the Monument Plaza and the Street Car Greenway)


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A Modern Streetcar in Utah

Historic Salt Lake Streetcar

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By Susie Petheram. Susie is a Senior Planner with CRSA’s Site Studio and is currently completing her Ph.D. in Metropolitan Planning, Policy, and Design.

In the early to mid-20th century–due to the advent of new transportation technologies such as the gas-powered, rubber-tired motor coach–streetcars were phased out as a public transportation option. After 75 years of service, the last streetcars in Salt Lake City ran in 1946, while Ogden ceased 50 years of service in 1935. In smaller towns, such as Logan, Brigham City, and Provo, the streetcar operated for brief periods ranging from 1910 to 1924.

Fast forward 67 years, and the streetcar is beginning its comeback. Continue reading