The Not-So-Minor Detail

Magna Library

Many forms of lighting working together to illumine the Magna Library

Louis Khan once said, “We only know the world as it is evoked by light.” This strange, ephemeral substance touches and shapes every part of our physical world. While we cannot fully explain it, as Architects we can, and must, harness it. Such harnessing can look like a lot of things from day-lighting to task lighting to background lighting. Considered below are seven examples of the ways we use light, helpfully ordered in the acronym “D.E.T.A.I.L.S.”: Continue reading

From the Religious Studio

Designing Space for the Soul

By Sara Staffanson, an Architectural Intern and Job Captain with CRSA’s Religious Studio

Few people are free from some type of inner struggle or strong urge to better understand a larger truth. It is in times like these that people look outside of themselves for deeper meaning and focus. Many turn to some form of religion in their quest for spirituality. Spiritual experiences can be achieved in a variety of places from the church pew to a log under the stars. Designing a space for the soul means being sensitive to that person’s interpretation of spirituality. It means creating an atmosphere that is comfortable enough for emotional vulnerabilities to be released. Thoughtful spaces will facilitate meditation, deep emotions, and one’s connection to a larger expanse and their role in it. Designing for such spaces is challenging but very satisfying. Continue reading