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Salt Lake City: Assimilated by the Borg

SLC Federal Courthouse

Learn more about the Thomas Phifer & Partners designed courthouse here: [Photo: Scott Frances]

By Jim Nielson, FAIA, Senior Principal of CRSA’s Government Studio

A few years ago I worked with subcontractors, friends, and family members to build a home I had designed for my parents. Today my younger brother, who purchased the home after my mother passed away, reports that while people under the age of 20 fall in love with the home almost universally, the reaction of older visitors is mixed. They either love it or hate it. Continue reading

From the Government Studio

Inside the Fence: The Challenges of Working on a Military Base


This article is adapted from an Interview with the CRSA Government Studio’s David Triplett, AIA and Debbie Adams, AIA. The interview was conducted by Fran Pruyn on October 10, 2014.

So what makes working on a military base unique? Talk about the day-to-day work you do.

Manuals. There are manuals for everything and you have to know them and know how to apply them. Continue reading