The Not-So-Minor Detail

Magna Library

Many forms of lighting working together to illumine the Magna Library

Louis Khan once said, “We only know the world as it is evoked by light.” This strange, ephemeral substance touches and shapes every part of our physical world. While we cannot fully explain it, as Architects we can, and must, harness it. Such harnessing can look like a lot of things from day-lighting to task lighting to background lighting. Considered below are seven examples of the ways we use light, helpfully ordered in the acronym “D.E.T.A.I.L.S.”: Continue reading


For Business’ Sake

For Business Sake

Architects are dreamers. Architects are visionaries. Architects are agents for community development and societal change. But Architects are also employees, of real businesses, trying to make real money to live real lives. It’s not a glamorous concept, but it is foundational. All too often there is an underlying assumption that the “higher order” aspects of architecture like refined spatial relationships and bold gestures cannot coexist with such day-to-day aspects like billing projections and profit margins. There is an artificial dichotomy that says business cannot be beautiful, and beautiful design cannot make for good business. Continue reading


What Sets It Apart?

CRSA FWL Cover Img

Utah boasts a single Frank Lloyd Wright project: the Stromquist House, built in 1959 in Ogden, Utah. Like many other Wrightian houses, it is laid out with clearly articulated public and private areas, separated by a utility area. And like many other Wrightian houses, it is a gem among a sea of common dwellings.

What sets it apart?


Every nuanced detail has been thought about. Continue reading

From the Government Studio

Accessibility: Comprehensive, Early Design Considerations

Successful and comprehensive Accessibility in architecture requires the whole team. From the owner to the architect to the contractor, and all the codes in between, it requires foresight, research, review, and communication. The end is more than worth it, so let us help you get started with this Early Accessible Design info-graphic.

CRSA Accessibility Infographic