From the Site Studio, General

The Great Divide: Marketing vs. Management

Daybreak UTA Station

Daybreak Light Rail Station – Part of CRSA’s continued work for the Utah Transit Authority

By Kelly Gillman, AICP, ASLA | Kelly Gillman is a Senior Principal at CRSA and leads the Landscape Architecture and Planning Studio. He also holds an MBA from Westminster College.

We often say that doing quality work is the best form of marketing. The idea is that our day-to-day performance speaks louder than any brochure or resume. But is this true? And if so, to what extent?

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From the Religious Studio

Designing Space for the Soul

By Sara Staffanson, an Architectural Intern and Job Captain with CRSA’s Religious Studio

Few people are free from some type of inner struggle or strong urge to better understand a larger truth. It is in times like these that people look outside of themselves for deeper meaning and focus. Many turn to some form of religion in their quest for spirituality. Spiritual experiences can be achieved in a variety of places from the church pew to a log under the stars. Designing a space for the soul means being sensitive to that person’s interpretation of spirituality. It means creating an atmosphere that is comfortable enough for emotional vulnerabilities to be released. Thoughtful spaces will facilitate meditation, deep emotions, and one’s connection to a larger expanse and their role in it. Designing for such spaces is challenging but very satisfying. Continue reading

From the Marketing Department, General

5 Keys to Question & Answer Sessions

Fran PruynFran Pruyn is the Director of Marketing and Business Development at CRSA. She is also a theatre director with decades years of experience. She has coached hundreds proposal interviews, we stopped counting.

“We won it in the Q&A.”

Yep, you can score big with a selection committee during the question and answer period and be awarded a project.  You can also go down in flames, when one member says just the wrong thing.
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From the Marketing Department

Imagination, Vision and Us


“Rambling Man Sketch” by apkconcepts. Check out for more great drawings.


By Fran Pruyn, CRSA Marketing Director

I have been included on a couple of project teams lately.  Wow, what a rush!

I don’t know what surprised me most, the “sky’s the limit” feeling at the beginning of a project, or that the team was so willing to listen to my wacky ideas.

Not burdened by anything like architectural knowledge, economic reality, or zoning laws, I only have my imagination and a world of possibilities to rely upon when asked: “what should go here?” or “what does this want to be?”  Maybe that is okay. Continue reading