From the Preservation Studio, General

Beautiful Work Done Beautifully: A Case Study

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Monsignor Mannion in the Cathedral of the Madeleine

At CRSA, we’re big fans of historic restoration and renovation. Its a chance to save something that would otherwise cease form existence, to care about future generations, to learn about past generations, and to just appreciate the skill of architects and builders who have come before us. Continue reading

From the Government Studio

Welcoming ALL to This Place: Universal Design

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By Debbie Adams, AIADebbie is an architect and project manager in CRSA’s Government Studio.

“Traditional” design of buildings has long been oriented towards one “average” physical type: a young, adult male.   As children, as older adults, or as people with physical disabilities—temporary or permanent—none of us are always “average” and many of us are never “average.”

Buildings are built for people, but for which people?  Continue reading