8+ Resources from 5 Emerging Professionals

Last month we presented “6 Resources from 4 Senior Principals”. This month, we take a different perspective and look at resources from five Emerging Professionals.

Professional IconProfessional Development:

“I like to learn about the business side of the profession and how to help improve the often flawed business tactics in this industry.  As someone who is trying to learn and grow and do more than producing drawings, I find it’s a great free educational resource.

“There used to be a website called “ARE Forum” but it fell apart and one of the main contributors to that forum started a website called ARE Coach.  It’s a great place to get information about study resources and such for taking the ARE’s.  It was really helpful for me when I was going through the process.

-Jeff Knighton, Architect & Planner

Design News IconArchitecture and Design News:

“I usually check Archdaily every morning. It offers a wide variety of contemporary architecture projects from around the world and helps me stay up with current trends in architecture:

“I also try to check out Dezeen as often as possible. This forces me to look at other design trends and resources, and helps me to think about design more broadly, recognizing that inspiration can come from many sources:

-Ryan Wallace, Project Manager, Planner, and Intern Architect

Technical IconTechnical Resource:

“The Construction Specifier Magazine is a great resource for in-depth explanations of materials and systems. I know some may say “Boring!”, but I enjoy reading a few research articles each month.  This will satisfy your nerdy side. The magazine can be viewed online or through the Construction Specifier App, or a subscription can be purchased.  It is also included in a membership to CSI.”

-Jeff Cramer, Team Leader with Drafting Focus

Mobile IconWeb & Mobile Resources:

“Here are a list of apps and websites I often use in my professional practice and networking:


Houzz – Interior and remodel ideas

Walkscore – Neighborhood and housing exploration

DirrGuide –  Tree and shrub finder

LeafSnap – Electronic Field Guide

LandscapeQuote – For estimating projects


ASLA Dirt – Landscape Architecture industry news

repurposedMATERIALS – creative re-use as opposed to recycling

Sustainable Sites Initiative – Environmental program focused on planning and resiliency

National Wildlife Federation – Organization for open space/wildlife protection

Landscape Ecology & Planning – Public LinkedIn group covering a wide range of landscape topics

APA – Utah – LinkedIn group of the Utah Chapter of the American Planning Association

In addition to Facebook/Twitter, I also follow our clients’ individual sites:

Red Butte Gardens, The Nature Conservancy, SLCGreen, SLC Planning, SLC Mayor’s Office

-Bryce Ward, Environmental Planner & Designer

Recycle IconSustainability and 3-D Modeling:

“In working to complete my LEED continuing education, I have been using ‘The CE Campus’ a lot. They offer articles, webinars, etc. that can be completed on your own time to earn continuing education credits. And a bunch of their credits are free! Here is the website:

“The other online resource I frequent would be cgTextures. This is a website with a library of materials and images by category. It is very useful for pulling materials to use in renderings. *Note: I just have the basic, free account and use their images for school projects. Be sure to double check what the commercial licenses are like.”

-Megan Brown, Intern Architect with 3-D Modeling Focus


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