From the Marketing Department, General

Generational Disconnect


By: Just Another Millennial

9:00 AM | Alright—with emails out of the way, I sit down and open Facebook. Yes, Facebook. At work. This is the new age of Social Media and, being comparatively young, I have been tasked with reworking our corporate persona to start winning a new generation of client. The first step? Let’s see what some of our competitors are trying.

9:05 AM | I am scrolling through a fellow company’s Facebook page, noting how the photos of their Christmas Party aren’t the most professional of shots, but they make the company seem more human and relatable. I take notes. Principal walks in, says hello, sees the picture of a party on my screen, and leaves.

10:20 AM | I arrive at this brilliant idea to use local Tweets as the captions to photos in our upcoming “Community Involvement” post. I rush off to Twitter and get my dual monitors zipping through Tweets. No sooner have I taken off than Principal pokes head in and sees Twitter’s happy sea of blue sky and little birds. “Hmm…I’ll come back when you’re not busy.” Principal leaves.

11:15 AM | Stuck. I saw this great feature on another company’s blog where a user could link their Facebook profile to their blog comments. How did they do that? My google search brings up a step-by-step YouTube video. Perfect! Headphones on, I let it roll. As if waiting at the door, Principal walks by my doorway just when the obligatory YouTube commercial flashes an advertisement for a Caribbean cruise. Curse you stupid ads. Principal raises eye brows and leaves without comment.

1:40 PM | Okay, lunch can wait—I think I am getting somewhere. Trying to add some professionalism to my blog post on “Sustainable Transit”, I resort to a little stock photography. I search for images of “Green” and “Car”, but mistype “Car” as “Cat”.  There, in 23.5 diagonal inches of high-resolution splendor, is my requested green cat. Principal walks by, eyes cat, shakes head. Principal leaves.

2:45 PM | Done! We are officially on the ‘Yes, we are a relevant company’ Map. Triumphant at my deft mastery of the Social Media maze, I finally head to the break room to eat my belated lunch. I throw my food in the microwave and lean back on the counter, reveling in the burst of new clients certainly waiting at our doorstep. Break room empty… me lounging on a counter… Principal walks in. “Sooo…you keeping busy?”