From the Preservation Studio, General

Trauma and Treasure in the Preservation Game

By Allen Roberts, AIA

Exploring historic buildings can sometimes result in scary surprises. I’m not talking about unexpected physical characteristics such as cracks in wooden beams or masonry walls.  Here are a few of the more interesting, non-architectural surprises I’ve experienced.

Beaver Dam Ward

Beaver Dam Ward

Crawling through the crawl space under the floor of an historic church in Beaver Dam in northern Utah, I came upon Continue reading

From the Marketing Department, General

5 Keys to Question & Answer Sessions

Fran PruynFran Pruyn is the Director of Marketing and Business Development at CRSA. She is also a theatre director with decades years of experience. She has coached hundreds proposal interviews, we stopped counting.

“We won it in the Q&A.”

Yep, you can score big with a selection committee during the question and answer period and be awarded a project.  You can also go down in flames, when one member says just the wrong thing.
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Here We Go…

Buildings have stories. People who design buildings have stories. Over the last 40 years we have collected many of these stories and we present them as an inside look at the way our communities and cities are made.

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