6 Resources from 4 Senior Principals

We live in a world with no shortage of information. The difficulty lies in sifting through it. In this article, we ask four members of CRSA’s Senior Leadership to share some of the resources they turn to frequently.

10 4 Resources from 4 Senior Princiapls-01Spending lots of time in the car?

“I read books, mostly audio books.  I am currently reading/listening to Thou Shall Prosper, and Just ListenGreat by Choice and Getting to Yes have been some of the best for me.”
 –Kevin DeKold, Director of CRSA’s Idaho Falls Office


10 4 Resources from 4 Senior Princiapls-02Cultivating a Better Workplace:

“In terms of work environment and interpersonal communication, this is a blog I find helpful:

–Fran Pruyn, Director of Marketing and Business Development


10 4 Resources from 4 Senior Princiapls-03For the design-minded:

“This blog by ASLA is a great place to see what is trending in design related to outdoor environments, both built and natural:

10 4 Resources from 4 Senior Princiapls-04For the business minded:

“This news site takes a global look at relevant topics, and presents the material in the form of business/economics:

–Kelly Gillman, Director of CRSA’s SITE Studio


10 4 Resources from 4 Senior Princiapls-05Regarding Building Performance:

“While technical, I’ve always paid a great deal of attention to high performance glass. It seems to me that PPG has been the leader in this sector for at least the last decade. I probably turn to their website professionally more often than any other professional reference:

10 4 Resources from 4 Senior Princiapls-06Bonus:

“I use News360 ( on my phone regularly to catch current reports from around the world on subjects that interest me. Lately, that includes quite a bit about World Cup Soccer.”

–Jim Nielson, Director of CRSA’s Government Studio


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