From the Government Studio

Inside the Fence: The Challenges of Working on a Military Base


This article is adapted from an Interview with the CRSA Government Studio’s David Triplett, AIA and Debbie Adams, AIA. The interview was conducted by Fran Pruyn on October 10, 2014.

So what makes working on a military base unique? Talk about the day-to-day work you do.

Manuals. There are manuals for everything and you have to know them and know how to apply them. Continue reading

From the Marketing Department, General

Hey There!


By Fran Pruyn, CRSA Director of Marketing and Business Development

I have the attention span of a gnat. And I am not alone.  We’re listening to an engineer explain something about the boiler in the building at the university.  The guy sitting to the right of me is checking his Facebook feed.  The woman sitting to the left of me has drawn a beautiful butterfly on her notepad.  Not sure about the fellow across the table from me.  He might be spellbound, or he might be dazed.  I am writing this blog. Continue reading