From the Preservation Studio, General

Trauma and Treasure in the Preservation Game

By Allen Roberts, AIA

Exploring historic buildings can sometimes result in scary surprises. I’m not talking about unexpected physical characteristics such as cracks in wooden beams or masonry walls.  Here are a few of the more interesting, non-architectural surprises I’ve experienced.

Beaver Dam Ward

Beaver Dam Ward

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From the Government Studio

First, Do No Harm (Part 3)

Taxation, Appropriations, Efficiencies (and Domestic Horse Disposal)

Jim Nielson Swearing InJim Nielson, AIA, is a Senior Principal with CRSA and a Utah State Representative. First, Do No Harm is a series of posts about how what happens on Utah’s Capitol Hill affects public, business, and personal budgets. This segment continues to look at new legislation and analyzes its consequences on both our business and personal pocketbooks.

Missed a Part?

Revenue and Taxation

In a more traditional sense, actions by government affect both sides of the public ledger. Some policy decisions, such as taxation and appropriations, modify the ledger directly; others such as economic development incentives and mandates (as discussed in my last post) change things indirectly.
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From the Marketing Department, General

5 Keys to Question & Answer Sessions

Fran PruynFran Pruyn is the Director of Marketing and Business Development at CRSA. She is also a theatre director with decades years of experience. She has coached hundreds proposal interviews, we stopped counting.

“We won it in the Q&A.”

Yep, you can score big with a selection committee during the question and answer period and be awarded a project.  You can also go down in flames, when one member says just the wrong thing.
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